Table V Percentage of maximal potentiation of BK hypotensive effect on blood pressure of anesthetized rats after injection of 60 nmoles of novel BPPs from BC, BF and BJ venoms. NS, nonsignificant
BPPAmino acid sequenceSnakeMaximal BK potentiation (%)Time (min)
BPP-10c (control)<ENWPHPQIPPBothrops jararaca120 ± 235
BPP-10d<ENWPHPPMPPBothrops fonsecai Bothrops cotiaraNS-
BPP-10e<ENWPSPKVPPBothrops cotiara113 ± 1515
BPP-10f<ERWPSPKVPPBothrops fonsecai101 ± 1310
BPP-11f<ENAHPSPKVPPBothrops cotiara75 ± 65
BPP-11h<EGRHPPIPPAPBothrops jararacaNS-