Table I List of some of the most prominent software tools and libraries and the formats they support

Most search engines, which all support a variety of formats, are not included.

ProteoWizardmzML, TraML, mzIdentML, mzXML, vendor formats(53)
OpenMSmzML, TraML, mzIdentML, mzData, mzQuantML, et al.(14)
Trans-Proteomic Pipeline (TPP)mzML, mzXML, pepXML, protXML (ProteoWizard)(30, 55)
compomics-utilitiesMSF, tandem, mzML, omx, dat, FASTA(56)
jmzReadermzML, mzXML, mzData, PRIDE XML, dta, MGF, ms2, pkl(57)
multiplierzVendor formats(58)
PRIDE Converter 2mzTab, PRIDE XML (jmzReader)(47)
Mascot & DistillerMGF, mzML, mzXML, mzIdentML, vendor formats
SpectraSTmsp, splib, blib, ASF, mzML, mzXML, pepXML, etc.(42)
ProHitsPSI-MI (TPP formats)(50)
AnubisTraML, mzML, mzXML(11)
ProteiosTraML, mzML, mzXML(32), .skyd, mzML, mzXML, vendor formats(16)
ATAQSTraML, mzML, mzXML(12)
CorraAPML, mzXML(37)
Java MIAPE APIPRIDE XML, mzML, mzIdentML, GelML(20)