Table III Major transcription factors inducing changes in the Δasc1 transcriptome
Transcription factorRegulated Genes (%)Δasc1mRNAs regulated by transcription factor
Ste1240.0UpYCL021W-A, AHA1, YDR316W-B, UTR2, YER138W-A, YHB1, YHR177W, ARG3, BNA2, YJR079W, SRL3, YMR045C, WSC3, THI80, SFG1, YOR343W-A, YOR343W-B
DownATP1, PMP1, PSA1, HXT7, HXT6, HXT3, SCW4, ARN1, YIL169c, URA2, CWP2, TMA10, HOR7, DDR2, HPF1
Phd123.8UpSFG1, UTR2
DownPSA1, INH1, YDR134C, CPR1, HXT7, HXT6, HXT3, SIT1, SCW4, ARN1, YIL169C, CWP2, TIS11, FRE1, TMA10, HOR7, DDR2
Tec122.5UpYBR012W-B, YCL021W-A, YDR316W-B, UTR2, YER138W-A, YHB1, SRL3, WSC3, SFG1
DownATP1, PSA1, HXT7, HXT6, HXT3, URA2, CWP2, HOR7, DDR2
Rap122.5UpKTI11, UTR2, YHB1, YHR177W, ARG3, SFG1
DownPMP1, PSA1, CWP2, FRE1, TMA10, ASC1, DDR2, ENB1, ALD4, EEB1, HXT6, SCW3
Sok220.0UpUTR2, YHR177W, SFG1
DownPMP1, PSA1, YDR134C, HXT7, HXT6, HXT3, SIT1, SCW4, YIL169C, CWP2, HOR7, DDR2, EEB1
Skn717.5UpBNA2, YJR079W, SFG1, YOR343W-A, YOR343W-B, YPR158C-D
DownATP1, CPR1, SCW4, BNA2, YJR079W, CWP2, FRE1, HOR7, DDR2, HPF1
Flo815.0UpUTR2, SFG1
DownPSA1, YDR134C, HXT3, SCW4, ARN1, YIL169C, CWP2, FET3, HOR7, DDR2
Fhl115.0UpKTI11, AHA1, BNA2
DownPSA1, YDR133C, YDR134C, CPR1, CWP2, TMA10, FET3, ASC1, HOR7
Pho413.8UpWWM1, YHB1
DownINH1, CPR1, HXT7, HXT6, YIL169C, MDH1, TIS11, HOR7, HPF1
1Swi413.8UpUTR2, YHB1, YOL114C, SFG1, YPR158C-D
DownPSA1, YDR134c, HXT3, SCW4, CWP2, HPF1
  • The list of regulated genes was submitted to YEASTRACT (59, 60) to determine the respective transcription factors. The search criteria were set to consider only direct evidence for transcription factor binding. The ten top transcription factors are listed according to the number of genes regulated by them. This number is given as a percentage relative to the total number of genes in the list. The target genes for each transcription factor are separated according to the up- or down-regulation of their respective mRNAs in the Δasc1 strain.