Table IV Mixed-effects model estimates and statistics for three-way interactions involving TNF-α and TGF-α treatments
Model termsModelaCoefficientStandard Errort-valuep-valueb
N × G × JNK10.0980.0323.100.002
N × G × p3810.1250.0284.41<0.001
  • a Model 1 was the final mixed-effects model and Model 2 was a regression model equivalent to Model 1 except that it lacked the random-effect terms. Model 2 was fit using the “lm” function in R.

  • b The p-values for the two models were computed using different techniques, such that they are only roughly comparable. The p-values for the terms in Model 1 were both significant at the 0.05 level after correcting for multiple comparisons using the false discovery rate, whereas the p-values for Model 2 did not achieve significance.