Table I Calculated and observed molecular masses for apolipoproteins in maternal plasma
Peak identificationAccession #aPeak codeCalculated (Da)bReferenceSELDI measured (m/z)cS.D.dDelta M (m/z)f
Apo C-I without N-terminal Thr-ProGI178834CI′6432.4156434.10.21.7
Apo C-IGI178834CI6630.615, 186631.6CalibeCalib
Apo C-II, mature formP02655CII8204.115, 278204.30.80.2
Apo A-II, cysteinylated, minus C-terminal GlnP02652AII′8682.9188689.90.97.0
Apo C-III0P02656CIII08764.715, 278765.7CalibCalib
Apo A-II, cysteinylatedP02652AII8810.9188810.50.4−0.4
pro Apo C-IIP02655proCII8914.915, 268915.60.40.7
Apo C-III1P02656CIII19421.315, 269422.3CalibCalib
Apo C-III2P02656CIII29712.615, 269713.40.40.8
Apo A-II dimer minus two C-terminal GlnP02652AIId17123.41817130.23.76.8
Apo A-II dimer minus one C-terminal GlnP02652AIId17251.51817249.61.2−1.9
Apo A-II dimerP02652AIId″′17379.51817378.11.2−1.4
Apo A-I, mature formGI296635AI28078.61828079.8Calib1.2
  • a Accession numbers from NCBI database; 13 amino acid sequences were added to a custom-built FASTA file representing pertinent subtypes.

  • b Calculated molecular mass.

  • c Experimental molecular mass, this study.

  • d S.D., standard deviation.

  • e Calib, peak used for internal calibration.

  • f Delta M, molecular mass, (observed - calculated).