Table V Proteins with altered accumulation under copper deficiency and implicated in anaerobic acclimation
Protein ID (Au10.2)Gene nameDescriptionProtein amount (zmol/cell)Fold changea
Fermentation pathway enzymes
    Cre20.g758200ADH1Alcohol/acetaldehyde dehydrogenase114 ± 13217 ± 382
    Cre02.g129550HCP2Hybrid-cluster proteinn.d.15 ± 8n/a
    Cre01.g044800PFL1Pyruvate-formate lyase280 ± 95475 ± 752
    Cre03.g199800HYDA1Iron hydrogenasen.d.22 ± 24n/a
    Cre09.g396650PAT2Phosphate acetyltransferasen.d.34 ± 5n/a
    Cre11.g473950PFR1Pyruvate-ferredoxin oxidoreductasen.d.88 ± 43n/a
Prolyl 4-hydroxylases
    Cre03.g160200PHX7Prolyl 4-hydroxylasen.d.2 ± 1n/a
    Cre10.g424900PHX13Prolyl 4-hydroxylasen.d.13 ± 9n/a
    Cre14.g626200PHX18Prolyl 4-hydroxylasen.d.23 ± 13n/a
  • Fermentative pathway enzymes have been described elsewhere (29).

  • n.d., not detected; n/a, not applicable.

  • a Calculated as the ratio of protein abundance in −Cu versus the protein abudance in +Cu.