Table II A proteomic and transcriptomic comparison of known/predicted ookinete-interacting proteins that reside in the BBMV of Anopheles albimanus and Anopheles gambiae. These six proteins are commonly considered as leading TBV targets. We find all six proteins in our transcriptome analysis of An. albimanus. All but one of these are identified in the An. gambiae transcriptome. At the protein level, all six proteins were identified in albimanus, some by homology to gambiae. Finally, proteomics was able to identified only three of six proteins in gambiae itself. It should be noted that AGAP003790, AGAP003721, and AGAP003722 were all identified by the same contigs, at the transcript level, and by the same peptides, at the protein level, suggesting that they are isoforms of the same protein.
Accession numberAnnotationProteomicsSpectraTranscriptomicsSpectra
AGAP004809AgAPN1 (12)++1,200++1,077
AGAP003790Annexin-like (55)++a54++9
AGAP003721Annexin-like (55)+a54++9
AGAP003722Annexin-like (55, 56)+a54++9
AGAP006209Carboxypeptidase B (56)++a66++12
AGAP010133Scavenger receptor, Croquemort homolog (54)+a61+135