Table II Ingenuity Pathway Analysis of EGF-treated OVCAR3 cells; subset of proteins and subsequent canonical pathways associated with EGF treatment of OVCAR3 cells (p < 0.01)
Ingenuity canonical pathways−log (p value)RatioMolecules
EIF2 signaling6.498.2 × 10−2RPS28, EIF3E, EIF3C/EIF3CL, EIF2A, RPL37, RPL36, RPS27, RPS13, RPS9, EIF5, EIF3I, MAP2K1, RPL18, EIF3L, RPS14
mTOR signaling4.266.52 × 10−2RPS27, PRKCI, RPS13, PPP2CA, RPS28, RPS9, EIF3I, FKBP1A, EIF3E, EIF3C/EIF3CL, EIF3L, RPS14
Integrin signaling1.33.41 × 10−2ARF1, ARPC5, ZYX, TLN1, ITGA3, MAP2K1, ITGB5
Regulation of actin-based motility by Rho1.284.65 × 10−2PFN1, ARPC5, PFN2, ARHGDIA
FAK signaling1.224.08 × 10−2EGF (includes EG:13645), TLN1, ITGA3, MAP2K1
Ephrin receptor signaling1.133.09 × 10−2GNB1, ARPC5, ADAM10, EGF (includes EG:13645), ITGA3, MAP2K1
ERK/MAPK signaling1.013.03 × 10−2PRKCI, PPP2CA, TLN1, ITGA3, MAP2K1, HSPB1
Rac signaling9.96 × 10−13.42 × 10−2PRKCI, ARPC5, ITGA3, MAP2K1
PI3K/AKT signaling8.68 × 10−13.1 × 10−2CDC37, PPP2CA, ITGA3, MAP2K1
Actin cytoskeleton signaling8.5 × 10−12.67 × 10−2PFN1, ARPC5, PFN2, EGF (includes EG:13645), ITGA3, MAP2K1
Cyclins and cell cycle regulation8.37 × 10−13.45 × 10−2PA2G4, PPP2CA, LOC728622/SKP1
EGF signaling7.3 × 10−14.17 × 10−2EGF (includes EG:13645), MAP2K1
Cell cycle: G1/S checkpoint regulation6.26 × 10−13.39 × 10−2PA2G4, LOC728622/SKP1
Mitotic roles of polo-like kinase5.82 × 10−13.33 × 10−2PPP2CA, SMC1A
Death receptor signaling5.82 × 10−13.23 × 10−2DIABLO, HSPB1
Tight junction signaling5.78 × 10−12.55 × 10−2PRKCI, PPP2CA, VAPA, CTNNA1
Cell cycle control of chromosomal replication4.28 × 10−13.33 × 10−2MCM7
Cell cycle: G2/M DNA damage checkpoint regulation2.8 × 10−12.08 × 10−2LOC728622/SKP1