Table I Antibodies toward Lewis carbohydrate antigens

Antibodies to Lewis epitopes with clone name, isotype, and reference regarding its original production (if known) are shown. Specificity and cross-reactivity of the antibodies were extracted from literature and CFG Glycan Array screening results. The Lewis epitopes are abbreviated Le, with the superscript indicating specific identity (A, B, X, and Y); an S preceding the epitope indicates sialylation, and Di indicates a di-Lewis structure. BG-H1 and BG-H2 indicate blood group H1 and H2 glycan antigens. NA, not available.

EpitopeCloneIsotypeRef.Specificity and cross-reactivity
LeaT174IgG1Sakamoto et al., 1986 (106)Lea = SLea
7LEIgG1Daher et al., 1987 (107)Lea, Lex
LebT218IgMSakamoto et al., 1986 (106)Leb > Lea > BG-H1
2–25LEIgG1Bara et al., 1986 (108)Leb ≫ Lea
LexP12IgMRichman, 1987 (109)Lex = DiLex
28IgMHogg et al., 1984 (110)DiLex > Lex
SH1IgG3Singhal et al., 1990 (111)DiLex > Lex
LeyAH-6IgMAbe et al., 1983 (112)Ley
F3IgMLloyd et al., 1983 (113)Ley > BG-H2 > Lex
BR55IgG2aNALey ≫ DiLex > Lex