Table I Antibodies and titers used for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and RPPA
AntigenSourceCatalog no.Type and dilution for IHC
VEGFDako, Glostrup, DenmarkM7273Murine mAb* 1:25
CD31Dako, Glostrup, DenmarkM0823Murine mAb 1:80
Proliferating cell nuclear antigenDako, Glostrup, DenmarkM7240Anti-Ki-67 mAb 1:50
p85-cleaved PARPPromega, Madison, WIG7341Rabbit polyclonal 1:100
AntigenSourceCatalog no.Type and dilution for RPPA
AKTCell Signaling2694Polyclonal Ab 1:500
P473Ser-AKTCell Signaling9271Polyclonal Ab 1:500
ERKCell Signaling9102Polyclonal Ab 1:500
P202Thr/204Tyr-ERKCell Signaling4377mAb 1:1000
EGF receptorCell Signaling4405mAb 1:200
P845Tyr-EGF receptorCell Signaling2231Polyclonal Ab 1:200
VEGFRIICell Signaling2479mAb 1:500
PTyr1175-VEGFRIICell Signaling2478mAb 1:1000
B-RafCell Signaling9433mAb 1:1000
P1177Ser-eNOSCell Signaling9570mAb 1:1000
P38Abcamab7952Polyclonal Ab 1:1000
Cleaved caspase 3Cell Signaling9661Polyclonal Ab 1:1000
Cleaved PARPCell Signaling9541Polyclonal Ab 1:1000