Table III Comparative evolution of β-defensin, veficolins and cysteine-rich secretory proteins
SLACaFELbRELcIntegrativeMEME SitesdPAMLg
SLAC + FEL + REL + MEMEM8M2aClade Model C (ω)h
Iguania, Varanidae and Crotalinae β-Defensin
Iguaniaω<1f399140(0 + 1)03.61sig
ω =0.430.590.700.77
Crotalinaeω<1f10012(6 + 8)(6 + 6)4.43sig
ω =1.424.033.233.22
ω =1.101.311.31
Iguania and Homalopsidae Veficolins
Iguaniaω<1f113580858(1 + 0)(0 + 1)0.33sig
ω =0.520.490.49
Homalopsidaeω<1f2534343(8 + 16)(2 + 12)3.06sig
ω =0.861.121.12
Anguimorpha and Caenophidia CRiSPs
Anguimorphaω<1f213810010210(2 + 2)(2 + 2)2.04sig
ω =0.560.770.700.83
Caenophidiaω<1f719505924(8 + 9)(17 + 9)3.94sig
ω =
  • a Single Likelihood Ancestor Counting.

  • b Fixed-effects likelihood.

  • c Random-effects likelihood.

  • d Sites detected as experiencing episodic diversifying selection (0.05 significance) by the Mixed Effects Model Evolution (MEME).

  • e Number of positively selected sites at 0.05 significance (for SLAC, FEL) or 50 Bayes factor (for REL).

  • f Number of negatively selected sites at 0.05 significance (for SLAC, FEL) or 50 Bayes factor (for REL).

  • g Positively selected sites detected using the Bayes Empirical Bayes approach implemented in the site models (M8 and M2a). Sites detected at 0.99 and 0.95 significance are indicated in the parenthesis.

  • h Mean dN/dS computed by the Clade Model C analysis for Iguania versus Crotalinae crotamines and Iguania versus Colubridae veficolins; ω: mean dN/dS; sig: Clade Model C analysis significant at 0.001.