Table II Proteins regulated by activin A signaling in MVs. MV samples were isolated at the onset of mineralization from SILAC labeled cultures and protein regulation was determined by mass spectrometry measurements. Ratios are averages of reciprocal SILAC experiments. A = Activin A; V = Vehicle. # peptides = minimum number of unique peptides identified for the protein. Ratio count = number of SILAC pairs used for quantitation. From the 27 proteins identified in MVs 12 were found to be over 1.5-fold regulated (see supplementary Table 2 for the complete list of proteins identified and respective regulation)
#Protein nameIPI identifierGene symbolRatio A/V# PeptidesRatio count
>1.5-fold UP-regulated by activin A
    1Cartilage-linking protein 1IPI00023601CRTL11.7644
    2Bone proteoglycan IIIPI00012119DCN1.5146
>1.5-fold DOWN-regulated by activin A
    1Annexin A1IPI00218918ANX10.111010
    2Anchorin CIIIPI00329801ANX50.141213
    335-beta calcimedinIPI00793199ANX40.1523
    467 kDa calelectrinIPI00221226ANX60.232038
    5Annexin A2IPI00418169ANX20.241630
    6l-Lactate dehydrogenaseIPI00947127LDHA0.3634
    718 kDa phosphoproteinIPI00012011CFL0.3933
    8Alanyl aminopeptidaseIPI00221224ANPEP0.46912
    9Lung resistance-related proteinIPI00000105LRP0.5043