Table I Proteomic identification of differentially abundant proteins in the venom gland of C. geographus. The order is according to Figs. 3B and 3C. Sequence coverages are based on the best assembled contigous sequence (contig) without N-terminal signal sequences. In some instances these contigs do not represent full sequences (marked with *). Where multiple protein IDs are provided (e.g. con-ikot-ikot Cg4 and Cg5 for spot 35a) peptide matches can be aligned to two different isoforms that cannot be distinguished based on proteomic data. Protein Pilot and Mascot scores are provided for ESI-Triple TOF and MALDI-TOF/TOF data, respectively
Protein spotProtein nameSequence coverage (%)No of peptidesNonredundant peptidesScore, mascot (M); protein pilot (PP)Molecular mass (Da)Cluster
22bUnknown Protein 12166362 (M)379361
34bUnknown Protein 12166424 (M)379361
4bConoporin Cg12033236 (M)245741
Conoporin Cg3111143 (M)246271
12aConoporin Cg1623812≥99 (P)245741
Conoporin Cg288154858≥99 (P)247431
Conoporin Cg33775≥99 (P)247441
Conoporin Cg41051
6aAstacin-like 231*10620≥99 (P)Incomplete2
8aAstacin-like 258*37056≥99 (P)Incomplete2
24aConoporin Cg22632≥99 (P)247223
Conoporin Cg37614614≥99 (P)246273
Conoporin Cg4952≥99 (P)249493
27aConoporin Cg36643218≥99 (P)247223
401cUnknown Cysteine-Rich
Protein 1132298 (M)192773
35aCon-ikot-ikot Cg4 and Cg531518≥99 (P)94683
Con-ikot-ikot Cg61921≥99 (P)106403
419dUnknown Protein 22822283 (M)83843
418dUnknown Protein 22822276 (M)83843
396dConodipine Cg1 and Cg2111156 (M)151973
401dConodipine Cg1 and Cg2111156 (M)151974
390dConodipine Cg2101151 (M)151974
50aAstacin-like 154*10224≥99 (P)320664
51aAstacin-like 164*52162≥99 (P)320664
35dConopressin26*1147 (M)Incomplete4
388dConopressin40*1156 (M)Incomplete5
55aCon-ikot-ikot Cg6 and Cg7497716≥99 (P)105195