Table II Identified sialoglycoproteins having both α2,6- and α2,3-linkages
Spot no.NCBI accession numberaProtein nameMol wt (Da)pIMascot scoreSequence coverage (%)FDR values (%)
6, 31, 36H83231Conserved hypothetical protein16,5435.50666700.00
21, 24S23771Outer membrane porin protein OprD precursor48,3314.96170260.00
12, 16, 23E83507Flagellin type B49,2315.4336480.00
18, 28S39156Outer membrane protein F (Opr F) precursor37,8444.98283360.00
  • a Identified peptides with their score were given in supplemental Figs. S32 to S57.