Table I Efficiency of beadfection of HeLa cells with DY-590 labeled microspheres conjugated to GFP via a cell-cleavable linker (microspheres 6) or a non-cleavable linker (1)
Linker24 h (%)36 h (%)
Cell-cleavable74.3 ± 5.668.1 ± 12.9
Non-cleaveable64.7 ± 4.971.2 ± 15.4
  • Numbers are the percentage of cells that successfully took up bead(s) (± S.D.) and were calculated from four experiments performed independently, using cells from three different passage numbers. These percentages were calculated by counting beads in focus within the central section of a z-stack of the cells (e.g. the internal region of the cells). A total of 600 to 1100 cells were counted for each determination.