Table I Number of quantified and ischemia-regulated phosphosites and proteins in ovarian and breast cancer tumors
Number of tumor, samplesTotalAverage per tumor sampleOverlap in at least n − 1 samplesKinetics-based regression testaModerated F-testaUnion of both testsaPercent regulatedb
Quantified phosphorylation sites(Up/down)(Up/down)(Up/down)(Up/down)
Ovarian cancer423,60713,1569443307/97386/63432/1114.6/1.2
Basal breast cancer338,36627,668262111252/9481156/6331493/10275.7/3.9
Luminal breast cancer334,32725,814251024154/8204220/9624977/113919.8/4.5
Quantified proteins
Ovarian cancer49498755069850/00/00/00/0
Basal breast cancer317,15814,98914,9700/00/00/00/0
Luminal breast cancer314,22412,64112,6790/00/00/00/0
  • a Significant regulation at a kinetics-based regression test or moderated F-test false discovery rate p < 0.01.

  • b Percent regulated phosphosites and proteins within overlap dataset.