Table I Strains and plasmids used in this study
Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
A. baumannii
    ATCC 17978Reference strain[74]
    ATCC 17978 ΔpglLO-linked glycosylation negative strain[14]
    SDFBody lice isolate[75]
    AYEHuman isolate[75]
    ATCC 19606Reference strain[76]
    1224Clinical isolate, thigh[77]
    1225Clinical isolate, coccyx[77]
    1441 C1MDR Clinical isolateThis study
    1441 C3MDR Clinical isolateThis study
    Arg1MDR Clinical isolateThis study
    Arg2MDR Clinical isolateThis study
A. calcoaceticus 1217Clinical isolate, urine[77]
A. calcoaceticus 1218Clinical isolate, leg[77]
A. pittii 1219Clinical isolate, urine[77]
A. baylyi ADP1Soil isolate[78]
A. nosocomialis 1222Clinical isolate, iscial ulcer[77]
E. coli
    DH5αGeneral cloning and plasmid propagationInvitrogen
    pEXT20–A1S_1193His10XCloning and expression vector, IPTG inducible, Ampr, with A1S_1193 inserted at BamH1 and XbaI[28]
    pEC-A1S_1193His10XArabinose inducible, Kmr, plasmid used to express A1S_1193 (Inserted at HincII and SalI) in Acinetobacter for glycan fishing[28]
    pBAVMCSKmr pBAV1K-T5-gfp derivative with gfp ORF removed, Constitutive E. coli/Acinetobacter shuttle vector[10]
    pBAVMCS-A1S_1193His10XConstitutive plasmid, Kmr, used to express A1S_1193 (inserted at BamHI and SalI) in AcinetobacterThis study