Table I Functional enrichment of differentially expressed proteins. Significantly enriched (Fisher's exact p value < 0.05) functional protein groups (according to Ref. 20) are indicated per age group
Functional groupProteinsFold enrichmentFisher's exact p value
Cell metabolismGSTP1, GAPDH, GOT1, ENO1, ENO2, GDA, PIP5K1C, PRDX14.10.0003
Structural plasticityCFL1, TUBB4, TUBB5, DPYSL2, MTAP6, GAP43, TUBB3, TPPP2.20.0219
Cell adhesion/transsynaptic signalingGPC1, NTM, HAPLN1, NCAN, IGSF8, BCAN4.90.0005