Table II List of MS-identified mutated HLA-I peptides purified from HCT116 cell line. Potential mutation bearing peptide sequences were obtained from (60) and they were added to the UniProt database for MaxQuant search. The mutated positions are marked in bold
ProteinPeptideAA changeLengthIdentification scoreHLA Allele best fit (NetMHC 3.4 predicted affinity, Kd values in nM)
CHMP7QTDQMVFNTYp.A324T10166A*01:01 (39), Cw*05:01 (23)
BCL2L13EEEYPGVTAp.I216V9148B*45:01 (20)
NR1D1YSDNSNDSFp.G39D9134A*01:01 (36), Cw*05:01 (2)
RBBP7EERVIDEEYp.N17D9116B*18:01 (149)
UQCRBEEEKFYLEPp.N88K9117B*45:01 (54)