Table I Statistical comparisons between the patient groups. Each marker is indicated by the capture:detection antibodies. *The first p value is based on the Mann-Whitney test for comparing sLeA-low (<37 U/ml) cancers (n = 51) to all controls (n = 91). ^The second p value is for comparison all cancers (n = 109) to all controls (n = 91). NS, not significant
Markerp value*p value^
Sialyl Lewis A(9L426):sialyl Lewis X(CSLEX1)9.20E-063.09E-13
Sialyl Lewis X(CSLEX1):sialyl Lewis X(CSLEX1)2.24E-044.06E-08
Lewis A(7LE):sialyl Lewis X(CSLEX1)NS1.08E-03
Sialyl Lewis A(121SLE):sialyl Lewis X(CSLEX1)NS1.01E-02
Sialyl Lewis A(M081221):sialyl Lewis X(CSLEX1)NSNS
Sialyl Lewis X(9L648):sialyl Lewis X(CSLEX1)NSNS
DUPAN2:sialyl Lewis X(CSLEX1)NSNS
Lewis X(P12):sialyl Lewis X(CSLEX1)NSNS