Table I Chagas-specific positivity rates in different peptide sets. The table shows the total number of distinct peptides assayed in each group; the number of positive peptides (above cutoff of 3) in the averaged signal (combining data from eight peptide-chip assays); the average number of positive peptides in a single experiment (single chip/single sample above cut-off of 7); and the number of peptides that were positive in at least 1 out of the 4 sera samples (pools) tested. Percentages are given in parentheses. Group 5 of 24,000 randomly generated peptides (negative control) had no positives in any case
Protein SetDescriptionNo. of PeptidesPositive Peptides
Average signal in all chipsIn single chip
Group 1Proteins picked randomly from the proteome38,66450 (0.13%)23.5 ± 17.2
Group 2Proteins ranked with a bioinformatics method37,773317 (0.84%)133.25 ± 38.54
Group 3Proteins from MASP family65,808797 (1.21%)399.75 ± 219.3
Group 4Proteins with previous seroreactivity evidence32,372848 (2.62%)484.75 ± 76.3