Table II Signaling endosomes and infection. Neurotropic pathogen receptors present in signaling endosomes are listed together with their corresponding viral or bacterial pathogen. Gene names are indicated in brackets. With the exception of LIMP2, the abundance of these receptors in signaling endosomes remains constant during axonal transport
Pathogenic agentReceptor (gene)
AdenovirusCAR (Cxadr)
Coxsackievirus BCAR (Cxadr)
PoliovirusPVR (PVR)
Herpes Simplex virusNectin-1 (Pvrl1)
Pseudorabies virusNectin-1 (Pvrl1)
Rabies virusp75NTR (Ngfr)
Rabies virusNCAM (Ncam)
Enterovirus 71LIMP2 (Scarb2)
Chikungunya virusProhibitin (Phb)
Hendra virus/Nipah virusEphrinB2 (Ephb2)
Nipah virusEphrinB3 (Ephb3)
Jun├Čn virusCACNA2D2 (Cacna2d2)
Botulinum neurotoxin B/G/DCSynaptotagmin 1/2 (Syt1/2)
Botulinum neurotoxin A/E/FSV2A (Sv2a)