Table III Annotated protein domains present in the 20 verified ceramide-binding protein fragments

The names and accession numbers (in parentheses) of protein domains identified by database searches of the 20 verified ceramide-binding protein fragments. Names of the verified and candidate ceramide-binding proteins containing each domain are shown as well as a brief functional description.

Efh (cl08302)HPCA, HPCAL1, VSNL1, NCS1, MYL6B, PPEF1, EFCAB6, CABP1, CALM3ACTN1, ACTN4, C17orf57, CALB2, CALM1, CALM2, CALML3, CALN1, CETN1, CETN2, CETN3, CHP, CIB1, HPCAL4, KCNIP3, MYL12A, MYL9, NCALD, PDCD6, PPP3R2, S100A11, TNNC1EF-hand calcium-binding helix-loop-helix domain
STI1 (SM00727, cl17974)ST13, UBQLN2, RAD23A, UBQLN4ST13P4, UBQLN1Heat shock chaperonin-binding motif
SCP2 (cl01225)HSD17B4HSDL2, SCP2Sterol-binding domain; intracellular transport of lipids and cholesterol
UBQ (cl00155)UBQLN2MAP1LC3B2, MYO9A, RAD23B, UBL4A, UBQLN1Domain characteristic of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins
SapB-1 (cl04972)PSAPSaposin-like type B, region 1; isolates lipid substrates
SapB-2 (cl08395)PSAPSaposin-like type B, region 2; isolates lipid substrates
XPC-binding (cl18177)RAD23ARAD23BXeroderma pigmentosum group C protein-binding; initiates nucleotide excision repair
UBA-like (cl21463)RAD23ARAD23BUbiquitin-associated-like domain; hydrophobic surface patch for protein-protein interactions
TPR (cl22897)SGTAST13P4, TTC8Tetratricopeptide repeat; mediate protein-protein interactions
RPN13-C (PF16550)ADRM1 (RPN13)UCH-binding domain; mediates ubiquitin-receptor Rpn13 binding to de-ubiquitinating enzyme UCH37
Lipocalin (cl21528)PTGDSRBP1Cytosolic fatty-acid binding; transport of small hydrophobic molecules
PAH (cl07842)SIN3ASIN3BPaired amphipathic helix repeat; mediates protein-protein interactions