Table VI Average predicted kcat/Km values of our PLS model

The kcat/Km values for all possible cleavage sequences of P87 [vs P87 all] or those except 119 sequences used for the PLS model construction [vs P87 unused] were calculated using our PLS model. The average and standard deviation (S.D.) of the kcat/Km values for cleaved, uncleaved, and total sequences are shown. The average kcat/Km values of the “Cleaved” versus the “Uncleaved” sequences were significantly different (p = 5.1×10−8 and 4.9×10−4, t-test for two population means with unknown and unequal variances).

vs P87 all
    Uncleaved1220114.4311.7p = 5.1×10−8
vs P87 unused
    Uncleaved1220114.4311.7p = 4.9×10−4