Table II Summary of sites and IDs in the P87mix library identified for C1 and/or C2 under the normal or stringent condition

For ID numbers and more details about the identifications, see Tables S2 and S7, respectively.

Spectrum = 1119103120749688
Rp with kcat/Km696371615864
Nv with kcat/Km474448394044
P87mix ID (max 87)868687848587
Spectrum = 1021263
  • a Numbers in the top row of each section indicate the sum total, which is broken down in the numbers beneath.

  • b Some numbers of Rp sites are larger than the maximum ID number (87) because the peptides of some IDs had more than one Rp site. (ID004, 6, 11, 19, 24, etc., see supplemental Tables S2 and S8.)