Table I Significantly regulated Reactome pathways in ρ0 versus parental cells, analyzed by GSEA (thresholds: p value ≤ 0.05; q-value ≤ 0.25)
Reactome pathwayGSEAGlobaltest
Protein entriesp-Valueq-Valuep-Valueq-Value
> down-regulated pathways in ρ0 cells
Respiratory electron transport410.
TCA cycle and respiratory electron transport770.
Respiratory electron transport ATP synthesis by chemiosmotic coupling and heat production by uncoupling proteins510.
Pyruvate metabolism and citric acid TCA cycle280.
TCA cycle170.
> up-regulated pathways in ρ0 cells
G12/13 α signaling events240.
Deposition of new CENPA containing nucleosomes at the centromere150.
Signaling by Rho GTPases400.
Meiotic synapsis190.
GPCR downstream signaling460.
Chromosome maintenance530.
Signaling by GPCR740.
Mitotic prometaphase610.
Hormone sensitive lipase HSL mediated triacylglycerol hydrolysis70.
Apoptosis induced DNA fragmentation110.
Packaging of telomere ends70.
Cell cell communication380.
Regulation of insulin secretion by acetylcholine50.
Rap1 signaling70.
Gap junction trafficking80.
EGFR downregulation190.
Recycling pathway of L1190.
Gap junction degradation80.
Meiotic recombination200.
Glucagon signaling in metabolic regulation100.
GPCR ligand binding70.
Regulation of insulin secretion by glucagon like peptide1140.
Factors involved in megakaryocyte development and platelet production550.
RNA Pol I promoter opening90.
Gi α signaling events120.