Table V Secondary structure of motifs from 10 E. coli K12 identified proteins and human S100A1. The secondary structure of the consensus motif in each protein is determined from published crystal structures. However, hemE, zwf and pqqL do not have available crystal structures, and we used the QUARK prediction in EcoGene 3.0 to predict their secondary structures
NameSecondary structure of motifSourcePDB IDQUARK IDReference
thrSα-helixRCSB PDB1TJE(34, 39)
yqjGα-helixRCSB PDB4G0L(38, 39)
yajLβ-sheet + α-helixRCSB PDB2AB0(36, 39)
hemEα-helixEcoGene 3.0E11780(41, 42)
ilvAα-helixRCSB PDB1TDJ(33, 39)
prpDα-helixRCSB PDB1SZQ(31, 39)
zwfα-helixEcoGene 3.0E14278(41, 42)
edaα-helixRCSB PDB1WAU(37, 39)
gorα-helixRCSB PDB1GEU(32, 39)
pqqLα-helixEcoGene 3.0E12551(41, 42)
S100A1α-helixRCSB PDB1ZFS(35, 39)