Table II Summary for functional analysis of 36 proteins from functional interaction network. A total of 36 proteins, including 10 identified 2-oxohistidine binding proteins and 26 secondary interacting proteins, are used to conduct the functional analysis. The GO and KEGG results are generated by AmiGO 2 and KOBAS 2.0, respectively. We summarize the related GO terms and KEGG pathways in this table. Detailed information on GO and KEGG results are given in supplementary Table S3–S5
IDProteins involvedp value
GO Term (Biological process)
    Oxoacid metabolic processGO:0043436215.29E-08
    Oxidation-reduction processGO:0043436155.03E-03
GO Term (Molecular function)
    Ion bindingGO:0043167273.43E-05
    Cofactor bindingGO:0048037152.38E-06
    Carbon metabolismeco01200112.89E-03
    Biosynthesis of secondary metaboliteseco01110191.25E-02