Table III Known information on candidate proteins

CFP: culture filtrate proteins; CM: cell membrane; CW: cell wall.

GeneProtein name(s)Cell fraction(s)aFunctionaKnown TB serology antigenSensitivity estimates/commentsSelected TB serology references
Rv0054ssbCFP, CMDNA recombination and repairYes12–42%(9, 10, 41)
Rv0831cRv0831cCFP, CM, CW, cytosolUnknownYes25–76%(9, 42)
Rv2031cHspX (acr)CFP, CM, CW, cytosolHeat shock/ stress protein induced by anoxiaYes39–52%(9, 10, 43, 44)
Rv0222echA1CFPPossibly oxidizes fatty acidsYes54–71%(45, 46)
Rv0948cRv0948cCMInvolved in the shikimate pathwayNo
Rv2853PE_PGRS48Not reportedUnknownNo
Rv3405cRv3405cNot reportedMay be involved in transcriptional mechanismNo
Rv3544cfadE28Whole cell lysatesUnknownNo#
  • a Information on the cellular location and functions of the proteins can be accessed through the TubercuList Database ( under the gene name.