Table II Protein network analysis of upstream regulators of OAB
NetworkUpstream RegulatorsDiseases & FunctionsIdentified Target Molecules
1CR1L, complement component 3b/4b receptor 1-likeCell movement of leukocytesALDOA, APOA1, BGN, C3, CD9, CNN1, COL18A1, COL1A1, COL4A1, CRYAB, DCN, FN1, GSN, HSPD1, ITGA5, ITGB1, LUM, MCAM, MYH11, MYL9, PFN1, SERPINA1, SERPINA3, SERPINE1, SERPINF1, Tpm2, YBX1
HTT, huntingtinFormation of epithelial tissue
INHA, inhibin alphaMuscle contraction
ITGA2, integrin subunit alpha 2
2CR1L, complement component 3b/4b receptor 1-likeAdvanced stage solid tumorCOL18A1, COL4A1, COL6A3, FN1, NID2, SERPINE1
SMAD7, SMAD family member 7Metastatic solid tumor
3HNF1B, HNF1 homeobox BCellular infiltration by leukocytesAPOA1, BGN, CRYAB, DCN, FGB, FN1, HSPD1, ITGB1, MCAM, SERPINA1, SPARC, YBX1
HTT, huntingtin
ITGA2, integrin subunit alpha 2
PDGF (family), platelet derived growth factor
4APP, amyloid beta precursor proteinCell movement of sarcoma cell linesCTSB, FN1, SERPINE1, SERPINF1, SOD2, STMN1, VCP
NFE2L2, nuclear factor, erythroid 2 like 2
5ANGPT2, angiopoietin 2AnemiaANXA1, APOE, C3, C4A/C4B, CFB, CP, CRP, FN1, HBB, LGALS3, PRDX1, PRDX2, PRDX3, RPS6, SOD1, SOD2, TF
GH1, growth hormone 1
6miR-122–5p (miRNAs w/seed GGAGUGU)Carcinoma in lungALDOA, GPX7, P4HB, PKM, PRDX2, VIM
Cell viability of tumor cell lines
7HNF1B, HNF1 homeobox BCell movement of neutrophilsALB, BGN, FGB, FN1, LUM, SERPINA1, SPARC
Cellular infiltration by leukocytes
8ANGPT2, angiopoietin 2Endoplasmic reticulum stress responseCALR, DNAJB4, HSP90AB1, HSPA5, HSPD1, SERPINH1, SOD1
9INSR, insulin receptorProliferation of muscle cellsCTSB, FHL1, FN1, HSPD1, ITGA5, OGN, SERPINE1, VTN
ITGAV, integrin subunit alpha V
10PhenylbutazoneAnemiaANXA1, ANXA2, C4A/C4B, CP, FGB, LGALS3