Database search results and spectra have been uploaded in the form of Scaffold 3 files (.sf3, Proteome Software, Inc) to the Tranche database ( under the group “Photoreceptor Cell Proteomics” with the following hashes (password: photoreceptor).

DDA data: oKkwTkOTW52kBbI8QOQOyL1CWR3576yJ81vNKSXDUaYRnsFFNRK8sL8mz8cNxabVckCTuMM/OhvpWsLTtxAB94v39X4AAAAAAAACgg==DDA data acquired from retina #1 and 2
MSE Data 1: 5+MpeIU0Bl/g/jn6JREUo7Tk73pKnGGizrT51BWESA8tde55IjI2g3y6wh3KGlSKo6lNSV1H8hbwwYmQfvTEqgSYMfUAAAAAAAADSA==MSE data acquired from retina #1
MSE Data 2: etkfeflM76zo5s7/K7cT7lI2XGClV6q8kqsIxOndeESgwVPIeEMRDQbqGnJQoiPQfsJzg54mMU/eXe/MWroh3sAo81kAAAAAAAAC3Q==MSE data acquired from retina #2