Table I Intraclass correlation analysis of protein distribution profiles obtained by four different peptide-to-protein quantification algorithms
Peptide-to-protein algorithmICCa retina #195% CIa retina #1ICC retina #2b95% CI retina #2
Outer segment proteins
    Most intense peptide0.880.76–0.960.930.84–0.98
    Sum of 3 most intense peptides0.920.89–0.980.950.89–0.98
    Sum of all peptides0.960.93–0.990.970.93–0.99
    Ratios of all peptides0.890.76–0.980.920.83–0.97
Mitochondrial proteins
    Most intense peptide0.720.53–0.890.750.57–0.90
    Sum of 3 most intense peptides0.900.80–0.960.870.75–0.95
    Sum of all peptides0.930.87–0.980.900.81–0.97
    Ratios of all peptides0.900.81–0.970.880.77–0.96
  • a Calculations of ICCs and 95% confidence intervals (CI) were performed separately for proteins from each retina using the PASW software as described in Experimental Procedures.

  • b Transducin, known to translocate away from rod outer segments upon illumination, was excluded from this dataset.