Table II Summary of statistically significant differences in pairwise comparisons among LCLa
IR>1LengthbP(-1) residues with higher ERAP1 susceptibilitycP1 residues with higher ERAP1 susceptibilitycIncreased affinity
  • a The data correspond to the IR>1.0 subsets of B*27:05 ligands in all comparisons. Statistical values in boldface or underlined are increased in the equally coded cell lines.

  • b Values correspond to increased percentage of 9-mers.

  • c For the purpose of this table, to simplify the representation, residues were subdivided in only two groups, with the residues of intermediate susceptibility to ERAP1 (F, G, H, I, N, Q, S, T) being joined to those of either low (D, E, K, P, R, V, W) or high susceptibility (A, C, L, M, Y) depending on the tendencies observed in Figs. 28. The statistical differences refer to the joint frequency of residues in each category.