Table I Significantly changed single-pass membrane proteins and GPI-anchored proteins. False discovery rate-corrected significant proteins are sorted by their effect size (C3/DMSO). Proteins are shown with their Uniprot accession number (Uniprot AC), their topology, change in surface levels detected upon BACE1 inhibition over control (C3/DMSO), and references in case that they were described before as BACE1 substrates
Uniprot ACGene nameProtein nameTopologyC3/DMSOp valueReferences
Q03157Aplp1Amyloid precursor-like protein 1Type 17.459.72E-06(9, 1519)
Q61330Cntn2Contactin-2GPI4.083.88E-05(9, 15, 18, 19)
P70232Chl1Close homolog of neural cell adhesion molecule L1Type 13.431.29E-06(9, 15, 18, 19)
Q7TSK2Sez6Seizure protein 6Type 12.881.38E-03(9, 18, 19)
Q6P1D5Sez6lSeizure 6-like proteinType 12.604.06E-04(9, 1719)
O35405Pld3Phospholipase D3Type 22.301.45E-03
P12023AppAmyloid beta A4 protein (APP)Type 12.071.76E-03(9, 1518)
Q922P8Tmem132aTransmembrane protein 132AType 11.492.11E-03(9, 16)
P11627L1camNeural cell adhesion molecule L1Type 11.351.46E-03(9, 15, 16)
Q8BKG3Ptk7Inactive tyrosine-protein kinase 7Type 11.342.13E-04
Q8BLQ9Cadm2Cell adhesion molecule 2Type 11.332.85E-04
Q6IEE6Tmem132eTransmembrane protein 132EType 11.314.50E-04
Q8CAE9Podxl2Podocalyxin-like protein 2Type 11.301.32E-05
P10852Slc3a24F2 cell-surface antigen heavy chainType 21.291.57E-03
O89026Robo1Roundabout homolog 1Type 11.204.33E-04(16)