Table II Root phenotyping for 16 top responsive candidate proteins that exhibit differential expression following auxin treatment. Primary root lengths were measured at 5 and 7 days after germination. For auxin response assays, seedlings (n > 10) were grown for 5 days and then transferred to either control plates (0.5X MS) or 0.5X MS plates supplemented with 1 μm IAA and allowed to grow for two more days. Primary root length and lateral root number were subsequently calculated on treated seedlings. S.E. = standard error. p values were calculated using two-tailed t tests of unequal variance. Significant phenotypes are indicated in bold
GenotypeAlleleProtein IDRoot length (mm) +/− S.E.p valuePrimary root phenotype% Root growth on auxin relative to untreatedp valueNo. lateral roots/mm on auxin +/− S.E.p valueLateral root phenotype on auxin
Col-019.878 +/− 0.483n/aWild-type78%0.23 +/− 0.01Wild-type
SALK_029319gaut10–1AT2G20810.117.821 +/− 0.9030.054Short roots103%0.390.08 +/− 0.020.000029Reduced lateral roots
SALK_014345vps35b-1AT1G75850.115.336 +/1 1.3870.013Short roots126%0.450.22 +/− 0.030.768Wild-type
SALK_142260bdx-2AT4G32460.219.619 +/− 0.8740.796Wild-type74%0.670.11 +/− 0.020.0006Reduced lateral roots
SALK_007027camta2AT5G64220.115.286 +/− 0.6580.000002Short roots73%0.630.10 +/− 0.020.00007Reduced lateral roots
SALK_008979gapcp2.2AT1G16300.120.024 +/− 0.9280.890Wild-type138%0.0010.01 +/− 0.0088.20E-07No lateral roots
SALK_016830atrh8AT4G00660.213.714 +/− 1.5920.002Short roots77%0.950.07 +/− 0.030.0002Reduced lateral roots
SALK_127730smp2AT4G37120.115.904 +/− 0.7550.0001Short roots84%0.530.07 +/− 0.026.54E-06Reduced lateral roots
SALK_059908pme17–2AT2G45220.117.600 +/− 0.7160.012Short roots79%0.840.07 +/− 0.030.0001Reduced lateral roots
SALK_063023AT5G09620.119.602 +/− 0.7470.758Wild-type70%0.510.05 +/− 0.025.40E-06Reduced lateral roots
SALK_064163nadp-me4AT1G79750.118.954 +/− 1.3250.520Wild-type76%0.910.16 +/− 0.030.07Wild-type
SALK_091518rhip1–1AT4G26410.120.885 +/− 1.140.425Wild-type86%0.450.17 +/− 0.030.02Reduced lateral roots
SALK_111575clpb3AT5G15450.117.512 +/− 0.8140.017Short roots87%0.490.13 +/− 0.040.03Reduced lateral roots
SALK_129331cka2–1AT3G50000.118.683 +/− 0.8850.246Wild-type68%0.190.13 +/− 0.020.001Reduced lateral roots
SALK_145341abrAT3G02480.117.181 +/− 0.9020.018Short roots75%0.800.22 +/− 0.030.181Wild-type
SALK_151595ae3/rpn8aAT5G05780.115.824 +/− 0.9100.001Short roots71%0.490 +/− 04.90E-08No lateral roots
SAIL_35_A08impl2–3AT4G39120.118.907 +/− 1.2060.461Wild-type85%0.720.11 +/− 0.020.0001Reduced lateral roots