Table II Summary of the effects observed on the HLA-B*51:01 peptidome in pairwise comparisons among WT, E1KO, E2KO and E1E2KO cells
Effects onEffects ofa
ERAP1 depletionERAP2 depletionERAP1+ERAP2 depletion
    8-mersUpUpDownDownNo effect
    9-mersDownDownUpNo effectDown
    Ala2UpUpNo effectUpUp
    Pro2DownDownNo effectDownDown
P1 usage
Ala2No effectAsp: DownAsp: DownAsp: DownAsp: Down
Thr/Ser: UpThr/Ser: UpThr/Ser: Up
Pro2No effectAsp: downNo effectAsp: DownAsp: Down
Arg: UpArg: Up
PC usage
    ValDownDownDownNo effectDown
    Leu + IleUpUpUpNo effectUp
  • aStatistically significant changes. In the comparisons involving E1E2KO clonal lines, statistically significant changes observed with one of the clones were considered if the same tendency, although without statistical significance, was observed with the other clone. p values are given in Figures 3 to 5.