Proteins whose expression level correlates with both mRNA and gene dose changes

ProteinChromosomal locationTumor TCCCGH alterationTranscript alterationaProtein alteration
Annexin II1q21733GainAbs to PresaIncrease
Annexin IV2p13733Gain3.9-Fold upIncrease
Cytokeratin 1717q12-q21827Gain3.8-Fold upIncrease
Cytokeratin 2017q21.1827Gain5.6-Fold upIncrease
(PA-)FABP8q21.2827Loss10-Fold downDecrease
FBP19q22827Gain2.3-Fold upIncrease
Plasma gelsolin9q31827GainAbs to PresIncrease
Heat shock protein 2815q12-q13827Loss2.5-Fold upDecrease
Prohibitin17q21827/733Gain3.7-/2.5-Fold upbIncrease
Prolyl-4-hydroxyl17q25827/733Gain5.7-/1.6-Fold upIncrease
hnRNPB17p15827Loss2.5-Fold downDecrease
  • a Abs, absent; Pres, present.

  • b In cases where the corresponding alterations were found in both TCCs 827 and 733 these are shown as 827/733.