Table IV

Genes identified in the screen and that have roles in vesicle trafficking or vacuole function

Vesicular transport and vacuolar function
DID4LowYKL002WVacuolar protein sorting
DOA4Low (very)YDR069CUbiquitin C-terminal hydrolase
PEP3LowYLR148WVacuolar protein sorting and required for vacuole biogenesis
PEP7LowYDR323CVacuole inheritance and vacuole protein sorting
SNF7LowYLR025WGlucose derepression and protein sorting
VID28LowYIL017CVacuolar import and degradation
VPS20LowYMR077CSimilarity to Snf7p
VPS28LowYPL065WProtein transport from prevacuolar endosome
VPS33LowYLR396CVacuolar protein sorting
VPS34Low (very)YLR240WPhosphatidylinositol 3-kinase required for vacuolar protein sorting
VPS4LowYPR173CVacuolar protein sorting
VPS45LowYGL095CProtein of the Sec1p family
VPS53LowYJL029CProtein sorting in the late Golgi
ANP1HighYEL036CRetention of glycosyltransferases in the Golgi
APL3HighYBL037Wα-adaptin, in clathrin-associated protein (AP) complex
APL6HighYGR261Cβ-adaptin, in clathrin-associated protein (AP) complex
APM3HighYBR288CMedium subunit, clathrin-associated protein (AP) complex
APS3HighYJL024CSmall subunit of the clathrin-associated protein (AP) complex
ARL3High (very)YPL051WMember of the arf-sar family
AUT1HighYNR007CRequired for autophagy
AUT7HighYBL078CProtein of autophagosomes
BFR1HighYOR198CInvolved in secretion and nuclear segregation
BST1High (very)YFL025CNegatively regulates COPII vesicle formation
ERV14HighYGL054CProtein of ER-derived vesicles
LST4HighYKL176CTrafficking of nitrogen-regulated permeases
MSB3HighYNL293WGTPase activating protein for Sec4p
PIB2HighYGL023CRelated to Vps27p, Pep7p, Fab1p and Pib1p; unknown function
PMR1HighYGL167CCa2+-transporting P-type ATPase of Golgi membrane
RTG2HighYGL252CProtein involved in inter-organelle communication
RUD3HighYOR216CHydrophilic protein involved in vesicle docking
SCJ1High (very)YMR214WHomolog of E. coli DnaJ
SEC22High (very)YLR268WSynaptobrevin (v-SNARE) homolog
SEC66HighYBR171WComponent of ER protein-translocation subcomplex
SSA2HighYLL024CMember of the HSP70 family
SYS1HighYJL004CMulticopy suppressor of ypt6 (vesicular transport)
VID21High (very)YDR359CInvolved in vacuolar import and degradation
VID22High (very)YLR373CTargeting of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase to Vid vesicles
VID31HighYKL054CInvolved in vacuolar import and degradation
VPS29HighYHR012WVacuolar protein sorting
YBR077CHigh (very)YBR077CInteracts with Mvp1p (protein sorting to vacuole); unknown function
YCR044CHigh (very)YCR044CManganese homeostasis; localizes to vacuole membrane
YGR071CHigh (very)YGR071CRelated to Vid22p; unknown function
YJL151CHigh (very)YJL151CInteracts with Vam7p (morphogenesis of the vacuole); unknown function
YPT7HighYML001WGTP-binding protein; protein transport between endosome-like structures
Components of vacuolar ATPase
VMA16Low (very)YHR026WV0 subcomplex, no growth on glycerol
VMA5LowYKL080WV1 subcomplex, no growth on glycerol
RAV2HighYDR202CRegulation of ATPase assembly
VMA1High (very)YDL185WV1 subcomplex
VMA10High (very)YHR039C-BV1 subcomplex
VMA12HighYKL119CAssembly factor
VMA13HighYPR036WV1 subcomplex
VMA21HighYGR105WAssembly factor
VMA22High (very)YHR060WAssembly factor
VMA3HighYEL027WV0 subcomplex
VMA4HighYOR332WV1 subcomplex
VMA6HighYLR447CV0 subcomplex
VPH1HighYOR270CV0 subcomplex