Table I Overview of analytical techniques for mAb glycosylation analysis used in this interlaboratory study
AnalyteDerivatizationAnalytical methodChromatographyIdentificationQuantification
Glycan (76)2-AB labeling (20)LC-FD (15)HILIC (19)MS mass (5)PA (19)
LC-FD-MS (4)RP (1)RT std (8)MS int (1)
LC-MS (1)RT GU (5)
RT GU & exo (2)
Glycosylamine labeling (18): InstantPCLC-FD (6)HILIC (17)MS mass (8)PA (16)
InstantABLC-FD-MS (8)RP (1)MS/MS (2)MS int (2)
RapifluorLC-MS (4)RT std (6)
RT GU (1)
MS mass & RT GU (1)
APTS labeling (6)CE-LIF (6)CE (5)exo (2)PA (4)
None (1)MT std (1)PH (2)
MT GU (2)
MT std & exo (1)
Permethylation (6)MALDI-MS (4)None (4)MS mass (4)MS int (4)
DI-MS (1)RP (2)MS/MS (1)PA (2)
LC-MS (1)MSn (1)
Procainamide (6)LC-FD-MS (5)HILIC (6)MS mass (3)PA (6)
LC-FD (1)RT std (1)
RT GU (1)
All + MS/MS & exo (1)
Reduction (5)LC-MS (5)PGC (5)MS mass (2)MS int (2)
MS/MS (2)PA (3)
MS mass & MS/MS (1)
None (4)LC-MS (2)HILIC (1)MS mass (3)PA (2)
MALDI-MS (1)IC (1)RI (1)MS int (1)
HPAEC-PAD (1)None (1)sum isotope pks (1)
PGC (1)
Ethyl esterification (3)MALDI-MS (3)None (3)MS mass (3)sum isotope pks (2)
isotopic dil, (1)
2-AA labeling (2)LC-FD (1)HILIC (1)MS/MS (1)PA (1)
MALDI-MS (1)None (1)RT std (1)MS int (1)
2-AA & permethylation (1)LC-MS (1)HILIC (1)MSn (1)PA (1)
2-aminopyridine labeling (1)LC-FD,MS (1)RP (1)MS mass & RT std (1)PA (1)
4-AA labeling (1)LC-FD,MS (1)HILIC (1)RT std (1)PA (1)
INLIGHT (1)LC-MS (1)RP (1)MS mass & MS/MS (1)PA (1)
Phenylhydrazine (1)MALDI-MS (1)None (1)MS/MS (1)MS int (1)
p-toluidine (1)MALDI-MS (1)None (1)MS (1)MS int (1)
Glycopeptide (21)None (18)LC-MS (16)RP (17)MS/MS (9)PA (12)
CE- MS (1)None (1)MS (7)MS int (4)
MALDI-MS (1)MS mass & MS/MS (2)sum isotope pks (2)
Dimethylamidation (1)MALDI-MS (1)None (1)MS mass (1)sum isotope pks (1)
Ludger V-tag (1)LC-FD (1)HILIC (1)RT std (1)PA (1)
Reduction (1)CE-MS (1)CE (1)MS/MS (1)MS int (1)
Protein fragment (3)None (3)LC-MS (3)CE (1)MS mass (3)MS int (3)
RP (1)
SEC (1)
Intact protein (2)None (2)LC-MS (1)RP (1)MS mass (2)MS int (2)
DI-MS (1)None (1)
Intact, fragments, glycans (1)None (1)LC-MS (1)PGC (1)MS mass, MS/MS & exo (1)MS int (1)
  • Number in parenthesis indicates number of laboratories.

  • Additional abbreviations: std = standard; int = intensity; dil = dilution; sum = summation; pks = peaks.