Table I Composition of the gold standard spike-in sample set consisting of a constant C2C12 cell lysate background and varying amounts of 13 non-mouse spike-in proteins. Shown are the pmol amounts of the spike-in proteins for each of the five sample states
UniProt accessionAmount of spike-in proteins (pmol)
Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3Sample 4Sample 5
α-synuclein (pmol)P378401100.50.15
β-lactoglobulin (pmol)P027540.50.15101
Fibrinogen (pmol)P02671, P02675, P0267910510.50.1
α, β, γ each
Glucose oxidase (pmol)P130060.111050.5
Hemoglobin (pmol)P69905, P688710.551010.1
α, β each
Lipase (pmol)P20261, P32946, P329470.10.51510
1, 2, 3 each
Lysozyme (pmol)P006985100.10.51
Myoglobin (pmol)P6808210.15100.5
C2C12 lysate (μg)2020202020