Table II

Urotelial papillomas (Gr I, Ta)

CaseGenderaAgeNumber of tumors and date at first presentationGrade and stageType of tumor heterogeneityRecurrences to datePathology description
519-1M651-12/10/95Gr I, TaNone detectedbNoneInverted papilloma
685-1F581-21/01/97Gr I, TaNone detectedbNonePapilloma
932-1F725/6-07/07/98Gr I, TaNone detectedbNonePapilloma
1080-1M681-21/04/99Gr I, TaNone detectedbNonePapilloma
521-1M271-13/10/95Gr I, Ta114/10/96 (Gr I, Ta) 14/09/97 (Gr I, Ta) 23/08/99 (Gr I, Ta)Papilloma
681-1F501-07/01/97Gr I, Ta1NonePapilloma
929-1F703-30/06/98Gr I, Ta-2 Gr II, Ta-11NonePapilloma
1084-1M581-04/05/99Gr I, Ta1NonePapilloma
440-1F641-02/05/97Gr I, Ta2ANonePapilloma
714-1M511-05/03/97Gr I, Ta2ANonePapilloma
866-1F531-12/03/98Gr I, Ta2ANonePapilloma
914-1M861-15/06/98Gr I, Ta2ANonePapilloma
916-1F511-16/06/98Gr I, Ta2A16/10/98 (Gr I, Ta) 22/02/99 (Gr I, Ta) 15/06/99 (Gr I, Ta) 07/10/99 (Gr I, Ta) 18/09/00 (Gr I, Ta) 23/01/01 (Gr I, Ta) 13/08/01 (Gr I, Ta)Papilloma
1206-1M621-08/03/00Gr I, Ta2ANonePapilloma
676-1M861-18/12/96Gr I, Ta2BNonePapilloma
860-1F651-18/02/98Gr I, Ta2B08/03/00 (Gr II, Ta)Papilloma
954-1M741-01/09/98Gr I, Ta2BNonePapilloma
1012-1M731-04/12/98Gr I, Ta2BNonePapilloma
957-1M751-01/09/98Gr I, Ta2C13/03/00 (Gr I, Ta) 09/10/00 (Gr II, Ta) 09/01/02 (Gr I, Ta)-4Papilloma
793-1M671-06/08/97Gr I, Ta3A07/09/98 (Gr II, Ta) 26/06/01 (Gr II, Ta)Papilloma
972-1M821-02/10/98Gr I, Ta3A13/04/99 (Gr II, Ta)Papilloma
483-1F761-25/08/95Gr I, Ta3BNonePapilloma
844-1M881-05/01/98Gr I, Ta3BNonePapilloma
1246-1M811-10/05/00Gr I, Ta3BNonePapilloma
703-1M791-12/02/97Gr I, Ta3C17/08/98 (Gr II, Ta) 06/04/99 (Gr II, Ta)Papilloma
1250-1F651-26/07/00Gr I, Ta3C28/02/01 (Gr II, Ta) 03/09/01 (Gr I, ND)cPapilloma
841-1M311-19/12/97Gr I, Ta4NonePapilloma
493-1M771-08/09/95Gr I, Ta5A23/09/96 (Gr I, T2) 07/02/97 (Gr I, Ta) 27/06/97 (Gr I, Ta)Papilloma
755-1M481-16/05/97Gr I, Ta5ANonePapilloma
898-1M783-28/04/98Gr I, Ta-2 Gr II, Ta-15B23/03/99 (Gr II, Ta) 28/09/99 (Gr I, Ta)Papilloma
  • a F, female; M, male.

  • b As determined by staining with the panel of antibodies.

  • c Stage is not determined.