Table II Software resources for glycan array analyses
MotifFinderMotif Binding AssociationUses multiple statistics to test the associations of motifs with lectin binding, using an advanced motif syntax that allows flexible motif definitions. Recent versions include automated motif optimization and modeling families of motifs.Klamer 2017 (29)
GlycoPatternFrequent Subtree MiningUses a graph theory approach to mine new glycan substructures that are frequent in the bound glycans and infrequent in the unbound glycans.Cholleti 2012 (20) Agravat 2014 (21)
Multiple Carbohydrate Alignment with Weights (MCAW)Weighted Structure AlignmentAdapts traditional sequence alignment algorithms to align the strongest glycan binders for a lectin. Offers a database of analyzed CFG datasets.Hosoda 2017 (26) Hosoda 2018 (28)
GLycan Array Dashboard (GLAD)Graphical VisualizationEnables researchers to explore trends in glycan array data through graphic visualization and the manual exploration of simple motifs.Mehta 2019[1]