Table II

mRNA and protein abundance ratios for mitochondrial-located proteins

Gene nameDescriptionamRNAbProteinb
TRX3Mitochondrial thioredoxin0.781.7
SOD2Manganese superoxide dismutase0.741.8
GUT2Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase0.532.7
HSP60Mitochondrial chaperonin0.581.4
PET9ADP/ATP carrier protein0.422.0
ATM1Membrane transporter0.853.0
MIR1Phosphate transporter0.601.9
POR1Outer mitochondrial membrane porin1.01.5
TUF1Translation elongation factor0.691.9
YLR168CPutative intramitochondrial sorting protein0.854.0
TOM40Outer membrane import0.763.5
  • a Descriptions were obtained from the Yeast Proteome Database (

  • b Ratio = abundance on galactose/abundance on ethanol.