Table I hRSV proteins detected by LC-MS/MS at 96 hpi in the apical washes or basolateral medium of hRSV-infected WD-PBECs
Protein nameApicalBasolateral
% protein abundancea/replicatesbUnique peptidesc% cov.dLFQe/replicatesbUnique peptidesc
Fusion (F0)11.6/32553.3N.D.fN.D.
Matrix M2-15.9/3560.3N.D.N.D.
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase L0.38/244.4N.D.N.D.
  • aPercentage of the total abundance of all the viral proteins detected, averaged between replicates

  • bNumber of replicates the protein was identified in

  • cNumber of unique peptides used for protein identification

  • dThe percentage of sequence coverage for the identified protein

  • eAbundance intensity expressed as Log2

  • f N.D. = not detected