Table I

A list of phosphoproteins identified by mass spectrometry

The table lists the proteins and GenBank™ accession numbers identified by mass spectrometry in the large scale experiment by enrichment with anti-pSer/Thr antibody. Data on phosphorylation and corresponding references are indicated. The band numbers correspond to the bands excised from the silver-stained gel shown in Fig. 3.

Band excisedProtein namePhosphorylation dataAccession no.References
Band 1Filamin-1Phosphorylated on serine 2152 (PKA site)NP_00144717, 18, 20, 21
Band 2Myosin heavy chain APhosphorylated on threonine residues 1823, 1833, and 2029 in DictyosteliumNP_00246423, 24
Band 3Drebrin 1Phosphorylated in vivoNP_00438627, 30
Band 4α-Actinin 4Phosphorylated in N-terminal region by protein kinase N. Phosphorylated in vitro by FAK on residue 12NP_00491533, 35–37
Band 5Frigg (KIAA0668)Phosphorylated on serine 12, 54, and 116 (additional sites present)BAA31643This study
Band 6PABP2Phosphorylation of PABP, a protein related to PABP2, specifies the type of binding to poly(A) RNA and to other proteinsQ1509738–41
Band 7γ-ActinPhosphorylated upon stimulation of monocytesNP_001605 47