Table V

Transit peptide cleavage prediction by Web-based programs

Embedded Image Embedded Image
  • 1 A. thaliana and tobacco protein annotations as in Tables II and III. Pea and spinach annotations using standard gene names.

  • 2 Species abbreviations as in Table IV.

  • 3 Chloroplast localization as in Table IV.

  • 4 Δ, difference between observed and predicted amino-terminal residue. Positive numbers indicate the predicted cleavage site is amino-proximal to the observed amino terminus. Negative numbers indicate the predicted cleavage site is carboxyl-proximal to the observed amino-terminus. Boxes indicate that the predicted amino terminus is within ± 2 amino acids of the amino-terminal amino acid observed by MS. Gray boxes indicate program that best predicts the cleavage site for proteins in the stroma and the lumen. The special case of PsbW and PsbXc is discussed in the text. Euk, eukaryotic.

  • 5 Amino terminus determined by LCMS. n, unblocked alpha amine; ac, acetylated alpha amine.