Table I

Proteins identified by modification-specific proteomic analysis for determination of GPI-anchored proteins in human lipid raft-enriched membranes

Swiss Prot, Swiss-Prot accession number. B, protein band number on SDS-PAGE gel. #, number of unique peptides matched for each protein. Score, score obtained in MASCOT database search (significance threshold of 54). big-PI, DGPI, A filled circle means that the protein has been recognized as a GPI-AP, and an open circle means that the protein has not been recognized as a GPI-AP.

Protein identificationGPI-AP prediction
Swiss ProtBName#ScoreDGPIbig-PI
GPI-anchored proteins
    P051863Alkaline phosphatase11322
    P143844Carboxypeptidase M279
    P081745Decay acceleration factor, CD559376
    Q034056Urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (UPAR)162
    P153288Folate receptor 18279
    P1398712CD59 glycoprotein3131
    P217961Voltage-dependent anion channel4191
    P055561Fibronectin receptor, CD2913585
    P431212Melanoma adhesion molecule, CD146280
    P160703Epican, CD44275
    P0819534F2 heavy chain antigen, CD984181
    P11021378-kDa glucose-regulated protein15768
    Q9UK576Mesotheline/megakaryocyte potentiation factor391
    P159999ATP synthase α chain3159
    Q9NZS69Glucocorticoid receptor AF-1-specific elongation factor3104
    P02571/P025729Actin, β and/or γ actin4147
    P1191210B-cell antigen receptor complex-associated protein α chain, CD793135