Table III

Non-GPI-APs from A. thaliana

AGI, Arabidopsis Genome Initiative code. B, protein band number on SDS-PAGE gel. #, number of unique peptides matched for each protein/protein family. Score, score obtained in MASCOT database search (significance threshold of 54). TM, number of transmembrane domains predicted for the protein. DGPI (, big-PI (, and Borner et al.: Proteins were recognized as GPI-APs after searching these predictors and after reviewing the list of A. thaliana GPI-APs predicted by Dupree and co-workers ( A filled circle means that the protein has been recognized as a GPI-AP, and an open circle means that the protein has not been recognized as a GPI-AP.

Protein identificationGPI-AP prediction
AGI codeB#TMNotesScoreDGPIbig-PIBorner et al.
At3g469001113Copper transporter, COPT261
At3g252901111DoH and cytochrome b561 domains44
At5g357351225DoH and cytochrome b561 domains99
At4g208306250Reticuline oxidase-like-secreted1281
At3g02880111Receptor-like kinase41
At3g178401021Receptor-like kinase49
At5g467001614Senescence-associated protein32
At3g441501410Unknown, secreted29
At3g118201321Syntaxin 12159
At5g080801321Syntaxin 13280
At3g097401531Syntaxin 71101
At3g542001321Transmembrane (TM)67
At3g173501130Unknown, secreted92