Table II

Potential new interactors for a test set of HPM-tagged proteins

Samples were prepared and analyzed as described in “Experimental Procedures.” The column “Known interactors—Total” lists the number of physical/genetic interactions reported for the bait in the combined GRID/MIPS/YPD databases. “Known interactors—Recovered” represents the number of known physical/genetic interactors experimentally retrieved in this study. Partners marked “*” are reported to interact physically as well as genetically. The column “Potential new interactors” contains all gene products identified by TAP-MudPIT, which are not listed as known interactors and are recovered in association with less than 20% of the baits analyzed (n = 22).

BaitKnown interactorsPotential new interactors
Total Physical/GeneticRecovered
Bim1p-HPM6/571Rpb2p, Rpl12A/Bp, Rpl22Ap, Rps25A/Bp, Rps29Ap, Rps5p, YGR161C-Cp
Cdc20p-HPM12/36Bub3p, Cct4p, Cct6p, Cct7p, Cct8p, Hef3p, Ilv6p, Pnc1p, Rfa1p
Chk1p-HPM16/0Act1p, Car2p, Gpd2p, Hht1p, Hht2p, Htb2p, Htb1p, Htz1p, Pnc1p
Cla4p-HPM15/77Rpl17Bp, Rpl17Ap, Rpl19Bp, Rpl19ApPbp1p, Pre8p, Rpl36Ap, Rpl36Bp, Rpl7Ap, Rpl7Bp, Rpp2Ap, Rps2p, Sec23p, Skm1p, YBR225Wp, Yhb1p
Dbf2p-HPM27/93Dbf20p, Mob1p*Adh5p, Caf20p, Car2p, Cdc33p, Emi2p, Gfa1p, Gly1p, Gpd2p, Hsp42p, Ilv6p, Pnc1p, Pro1p, Rib4p, Sec23p, Shm2p, Snf1p, Trp3p, Tub2p
Gcn5p-HPM99/1218Ngg1p*Ade3p, Eft2p, Eft1p, Gfa1p, Glc7p, Msn4p, Ppz2p, Rpl16Ap, Rpp2Ap, Rpp2Bp, Rps25Ap, Rps25Bp, Rps29Bp, Sds22p, Sod2p, Tfc1p, Trp3p, Tub2p, Ura7p, YCR082Wp, Yhb1p, Ypi1p, YPL047Wp, YPL137Cp, Ysh1p
Glc7p-HPM177/928Ppz2p*, Ppz1p*, Reg1p*Abf1p, Ade16p, Ade17p, Ahp1p, Bmh1p, Bmh2p, Ccr4p, Cka2p, Eno1p, Fun21p, Gal83p, Hsp60p, Imp2p, Mor1p, Pdc1p, Pgk1p, Pol2p, Rpp2Ap, Snf1p, Sol1p, Sol2p, YBR225Wp, YDR474Cp, YER158Cp, YGR237Cp, YHR097Cp, YPL137Cp
Ino4p-HPM52/01Act1p, Mdn1p, Pmd1p, Xrs2p
Lte1p-HPM48/125Ade4p, Aro2p, Asc1p, Asn1p, Bcy1p, Bmh1p, Caf20p, Car2p, Cdc33p, Eft2p, Eft1p, Emi2p, Eno1p, Eno2p, Flo8p, Gad1p, Glk1p, Glt1p, Gly1p, Gpm1p, Gua1p, Hef3p, Hem1p, Hsp60p, Ilv6p, Lpd1p, Mkt1p, Nfs1p, Pbi2p, Pdc1p, Pgk1p, Pnc1p, Pro1p, Rax2p, Rib4p, Rpl23Ap, Rpl23Bp, Rps23Ap, Rps23Bp, Rps29Ap, Rps29Bp, Rps5p, Sec23p, Sec24p, Shm2p, Sod1p, Tpi1p, Tps3p, Vps1p, YDR348Cp, Yhb1p, YHL021Cp
Mad2p-HPM11/102Apl4p, Caf20p, Eno1p, Eno2p, Pdc1p, Pgk1p, Rrb1p, Trx2p, Ura7p, YOR283Wp
Mcd1p-HPM17/83Smc1p*, Trf4pBdf1p, Csm1p, Nuf2p, Not5p, Pom152p, Srm1p, Stu2p, YBL005W-Ap, YDR170W-Ap, YMR045Cp, YNL284C-Bp, YNL284C-Ap, YMR046Cp
Pds1p-HPM4/11Esp1p*Azr1p, Ire1p, Mss1p, Swi3p
Pds5p-HPM0/1Mcd1pAro4p, Chs5p, Hal5p, Kem1p, Mss1p, Pbp1p
Pho2p-HPM4/1Rpl35Bp, Rpl35Ap, Rps5p, YBL005W-Ap, YDR170W-Ap, YDR261W-Bp, YGR161C-Cp, YJR026Wp, YOL103W-Ap, YML040Wp, YLR256W-Ap, YLR227W-Ap, YLR157C-Ap, YJR028Wp, YMR045Cp, YNL284C-Bp
Pho4p-HPM11/1Ade16p, Ade3p, Ape3p, Aro2p, Aro4p, Asn1p, Bbc1p, Bcy1p, Cct4p, Cct8p, Cdc33p, Cdc73p, Chs5p, Dbp2p, Dbp3p, Dig1p, Eap1p, Eft2p, Eft1p, Fas1p, Fun12p, Glk1p, Glt1p, Gly1p, Gua1p, Hef3p, Hom3p, Hrb1p, Hsp60p, Imd4p, Kem1p, Kri1p, Lys21p, Lys20p, Myo5p, Nfs1p, Nma1p, Nop1p, Nop58p, Nsr1p, Pab1p, Rpa135p, Rpa34p, Rpl11Bp, Rpl11Ap, Rpl12Bp, Rpl12Ap, Rpl16Ap, Rpl23Ap, Rpl23Bp, Rpl24Ap, Rpl24Bp, Rpl26Bp, Rpl26Ap, Rpl29p, Rpl34Ap, Rpl34Bp, Rpl35Bp, Rpl35Ap, Rpl36Ap, Rpl36Bp, Rpl38p, Rpl43Bp, Rpl43Ap, Rpl5p, Rpl7Ap, Rpl7Bp, Rpp1Ap, Rpp2Ap, Rpp2Bp, Rps12p, Rps19Bp, Rps19Ap, Rps2p, Rps23Ap, Rps23Bp, Rps25Ap, Rps25Bp, Rps27Bp, Rps27Ap, Rps29Ap, Rps29Bp, Rps5p, Rps7Ap, Rps7Bp, Rps9Ap, Rps9Bp, Rrb1p, Rrp5p, Rsp5p, Sec23p, Ses1p, Shm2p, Sik1p, Sin3p, Snf1p, Srm1p, Ste11p, Ste50p, Stm1p, Tsr1p, Tub1p, Tub2p, Tub3p, Ura7p, Utp7p, Vip1p, Vps1p, Vrp1p, YAR075Wp, YBL101W-Bp, YGR161W-Bp, YFL002W-Ap, YDR210W-Bp, YDR034C-Dp, YCL019Wp, YDR261W-Bp, YGL068Wp, YHR121Wp, YIL137Cp, YMR045Cp, YMR050Cp, YMR237Wp, YNL054W-Bp
Rtt102p-HPM2/0Aro4p, Arp7p, Arp9p, Fyv6p, Gsy2p, Hsl1p, Hta2p, Hta1p, Htl1p, Ldb7p, Nfi1p, Nfs1p, Npl6p, Rim1p, Rpl35Bp, Rpl35Ap, Rpl36Ap, Rpl36Bp, Rpl43Bp, Rpl43Ap, Rps2p, Rps29Bp, Rrb1p, Rsc1p, Rsc2p, Rsc3p, Rsc4p, Rsc58p, Rsc6p, Rsc8p, Rsc9p, Sfh1p, Snf12p, Snf2p, Snf5p, Snf6p, Sth1p, Swi1p, Swi3p, Taf14p, YFL049Wp, YHR097Cp
Sds22p-HPM45/04Nip100p, Ppz1p, Snf1p, Stu1p, Vps8p, YBL010Cp
Snf2p-HPM164/1311Chs5p, Pab1p, Rpl11Bp, Rpl11Ap, Rpl16Ap, Rpl26Ap, Rpl26Bp, Rpl34Ap, Rpl34Bp, Rpl35Bp, Rpl35Ap, Rpl36Ap, Rpl36Bp, Rps12p, Rps2p, Rtt102p, Sth1p, Stm1p, YDL053Cp, YGR161C-Cp
Spo12p-HPM18/51Act1p, Ado1p, Ahp1p, Ald6p, Azr1p, Bmh1p, Cpr1p, Cys3p, Eft2p, Eft1p, Eno1p, Eno2p, Gpm1p, Hsp12p, Hsp42p, Hxk2p, Pdc1p, Pgi1p, Pgk1p, Rhr2p, Rps12p, Rps19Bp, Rps19Ap, Tif2p, Tif1p, Trp3p, Trx2p, Yhb1p, YNL134Cp, YPL257W-Bp
Yak1p-HPM75/03Caf20p, Glt1p, Gly1p, Hef3p, Kem1p, Nfs1p, Rib4p, YJL206Cp
YHR115Cp-HPM17/08Dbp3p, Gcd11p, Jip5p, Mkt1p, Sec16p, YBL101W-Bp, YLR410W-Bp, YGR161W-Bp, YFL002W-Ap, YDR210W-Bp, YDR034C-Dp, YCL019Wp, YJR026Wp, YOL103W-Ap, YML040Wp, YLR256W-Ap, YLR227W-Ap, YLR157C-Ap, YJR028Wp