Table IV

Concentration of some abundant proteins, putative new cancer biomarkers identified by SELDI-TOF, and classical cancer biomarkers in seruma

CompoundApproximate concentrationBiomarker for cancer typeReference
    Albumin600,000,000 38
    Immunoglobulins30,000,000 38
    C-reactive protein40,000 38
SELDI-TOF proteinsb
    Apolipoprotein A140,000,000Ovarian 49
    Transthyretin (prealbumin) fragment6,000,000Ovarian 49
    Inter-α-trypsin inhibitor fragment4,000,000Ovarian 49
    Haptoglobin-a-subunit1,000,000Ovarian 50
    Vitamin D-binding protein10,000,000Prostate 51
    Serum amyloid A protein20,000,000Nasopharyngeal 52
Classical tumor markers
    Alpha-fetoprotein150Hepatoma, testicular 38
    PSA140Prostate 38
    Carcinoembryonic antigen30Colon, lung, breast, pancreatic 38
    Human choriogonadotropin20Testicular, choriocarcinoma 38
    Human choriogonadotropin-β subunit2Testicular, choriocarcinoma 38
  • a This table is modified and expanded from Ref. 68.

  • b Apolipoprotein A1 is produced in liver and intestine; all other proteins are mainly produced in the liver (38).